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My name is Tommy Pendleton, but most folks just call me "Boston"...something about an accent. I have enjoyed living in Idaho for 22 years. My experience in video production goes all the way back to the 1980's in Los Angeles where I came up through the cable companies as a young Producer/director. I produced over 500 TV commercials for local businesses. I learned a lot about selling and messaging, not to mention just a lot about businesses. Eventually I graduated to producing corporate videos, TV shows, etc. It was then I realized that my writing skills gave me an advantage over many of my colleagues.

So, in the 90's I pursued a career in journalism writing a weekly column and becoming an editor of the Vinings Gazette in Atlanta, Georgia's Buckhead District. As we were tasked with computer layout and design of the paper, my computer skills improved just in time as the internet was born and I began collaborating with my many contacts in the media world and took my writing and video production skills on-line. Pendlevision Productions was born!

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